The CFS series cooling towers are ideally suited for applications where process water in the circuit gets contaminated by dust or any solute present in the system though they can be used for normal applications too. Addition of Splash Bars reduces the clogging and scale formation in the tower hence it is more effective to deal with contamination in the circulating water.


BODY Steel Hot Dip Galvanized [for added corrosion resistance]
STRUCTURES M.S. Hot Dip Galvanized [for corrosion resistance]. Fasteners are of Stainless Steel 304 grade.
GRID S.S – 304
WATER DISTRIBUTION Nozzle type. Made from M.S. HDG pipes with P.P nozzles.
FAN ASSEMBLY Made from Aluminum Casting Alloy LM-6 grade or FRP Hollow Blades Impeller with S.S fasteners.
FILLS Splash Bars [V-Bar, C-Bars, Triangular tubes, as required]